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Electric Pole and Power Lines by Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical

Installation in Somerset, Cambria, & Westmoreland Counties, PA

Area Specialists in Electric Pole Installation and Power Line Safety

Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services is your area specialist for electric pole installation. Our focus is power line safety, so we receive regular calls to work on electric pole replacement and installation. Technicians also use bucket trucks to work on electrical poles and power lines. This equipment means less risk to life and limb. Contact us online today, or call Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services at (814) 629-6864 for professional, courteous service.

Power Line Installation in Somerset, Cambria, and Westmoreland Counties

Looking to get a power line checked or installed on your property? Do you have a new building project that requires power line installation? Call on the area specialists at Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services. Our electricians have the skill to inspect and assess existing power lines to know if they need replacement. We also have the experience installing new power lines and electric poles for roadway or building construction projects. When you need to get electric power to a spot that does not have current service, rely on our crews to get the job done!

Regional Electricians to Install Poles and Power Lines

The professional electricians at Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services install power lines and electric poles throughout the region. We know the area municipalities and builders who do construction work, so our team has the experience to get poles and power lines installed properly and safely. All of this ensures accurate and dependable electric service throughout the region. We take special pride in bringing our skills to serve residents and businesses in the tri-county region.