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Water and Sewer Line Repair and Installation in Boswell, PA

Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services Repairs Sewer Lines

Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services in Boswell, PA, repairs sewer lines for residents throughout Somerset County, PA. Sewer lines are essential to the plumbing system, and problems can cause property damage and even a threat to safety. If your sewer lines are leaking, broken, or you have reason to believe there is a clog or other issue, call us at (814) 629-6864 right away. A few signs that there is a sewer line issue include back-up in drains or toilets, clogged drains, and foul smells around the lines. Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services offers 24/7 emergency services to Boswell, PA; Somerset, PA; Windber, PA; and the surrounding areas.

Call Us When Water or Sewer Lines Freeze Up in Boswell, PA

Those living in Boswell, PA, or the Somerset County, PA, area know how cold our winters can be. One big issue that comes with cold weather is the freezing of pipes and important water or sewer lines. When too much ice builds up in the line, it can cause back-up or severe damage. The expert technicians at Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services can get to your home or business quickly to remove the ice and have your sewer or water lines up and running in no time. Do not wait – call us immediately to avoid greater damage.

Sewer Line Installation for Somerset, PA-Area Residents

In some cases, there is no way to repair old or damaged sewer lines. Whether your current lines need replaced, or you need a new hook-up line installed in Somerset, PA, or the surrounding area, contact Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services. Our team has over 41 years of experience in handling sewer lines and other plumbing systems, and is highly trained in a variety of installation and repair. We also offer dishwasher and refrigerant water line installation.