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MSHA Inspections for Mine Safety Operations

Serving Somerset, Cambria, & Westmoreland Counties, PA

Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services Inspects Mining Safety

The subject of mine safety is an important one for coal, metal, and nonmetal mining operation throughout the region. As an OSHA-certified entity, Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services provides MSHA inspections under the U.S. Department of Labor for mining operations in Somerset, Cambria, and Westmoreland counties in Pennsylvania. Call Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services at (814) 629-6864 to schedule an MSHA inspection, or contact us online today for more information.

MSHA is required to inspect each underground mine four times a year and each surface mine twice a year for health and safety compliance. Certain mines with high levels of explosive or toxic gasses are inspected more often. Inspections are also conducted in response to complaints of hazardous conditions.


OSHA-Certified MSHA Inspections and Certification in Pennsylvania

Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services has the skilled and trained staff who can perform MSHA inspections. Our professionals know the region, industry, codes, and other mandated requirements to evaluate how safe mining operations might be. Health and safety standards are critical when starting or resuming mining operations. Our team can examine various safety aspects under federal guidelines, in addition to offering our expertise in rectifying any existing or potential problems.

Safety Factors Take Priority in MSHA Inspections in Central and Western PA

Under the Mine Act, mining operators are required to maintain a consistent practice of safety protocols. When dangers do arise, prompt remediation serves to keep employees safe. However, failure to correct significant and substantial problems found during an MSHA inspection may generate citations that can result in civil penalties. Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services reminds all mine owners of the shared responsibility we have to maintain safety. Schedule an MSHA inspection with us today. We proudly work with Central and Western PA mines.