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Correcting Electrical Code Violation Issues in the Region

Regional Electrical Repair Services to Fix Code Violations

If you have purchased or otherwise inherited an older building in Pennsylvania’s Somerset, Cambria, or Westmoreland counties, you may also have the added headache of bringing older electrical wiring up to code. When you have questions about how sound the electrical system is in your home or building, call Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services. Our professionals can assess your situation and begin correcting electrical code violation issues. Knowing the electrical system can handle modern appliances, machinery, and more adds to your peace of mind. For more information or to schedule a visit, call the licensed professionals at Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services at (814) 629-6864, or contact us online today.

MSHA Inspections, Wiring Upgrades, and So Much More

Our professional electricians provide local services to residential and commercial customers throughout the region. As an OSHA-certified company, we can provide MSHA inspections, install new service, repair wiring, install a variety of specialty items and wiring upgrades that will serve your needs for years to come. Whether you are looking to upgrade landscape or parking lot lighting, or want to take advantage of low-voltage wiring or install surge protectors, our skilled electricians get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Stay Safe. Hire a Professional Electrician Local to Somerset County

While it may be tempting to save some money and do the electric work yourself, working with electricity can be dangerous, and can lead to you spending more money in the future. Aside from landing you in the hospital or worse, improperly installed electrical components can, in some cases, void your home or business insurance, incur fines, or even cause a fire. Do not put your loved ones, employees, or customers at risk. Call Wiedenhoft Electric & Mechanical Services, local and trusted electricians serving Somerset, Cambria, and Westmoreland county areas for four decades.